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What is DateSchool?
We help men build the skills and confidence to attract women naturally.
  • Skills: like how to flirt, how to have meaningful conversations, and how to communicate on a sexual level.
  •  Confidence: knowing exactly what to say and do to build attraction; practising these things through real-life experiences which build an unbreakable foundation of confidence with women.
How it works
We show you how to develop and demonstrate the qualities that naturally attract women.
Through evolutionary science and thousands of real-life case studies, we know that women instinctively feel attraction towards men, based on their personality, presence, social value and sexual potential. DateSchool methods work in harmony with our instinctive natural selection processes.
Your Presence
  •  How to fix the aspects of your personal style and grooming that women notice first
  •  How to move and gesture in a way that conveys masculinity, sexuality and confidence
Your Personality
  •  How to flirt in a simple, fun, creative and playful way 
  •  How to demonstrate your passion, ambition and achievements without bragging or sounding arrogant
Your Social Value
  •  How to show social status through your friends, family and the way that other treat you
  •  How to demonstrate a high degree of social and emotional intelligence
Your Sexual Potential
  •  How to communicate your sexual interest, comfortably and confidently, without feeling awkward or nervous
  •  How to convey the impression that you're an in-demand and highly desirable guy (even if you aren't just yet!)
What people are saying...
"After speaking with Rick for a couple of hours about attraction, I felt the confidence to strike up a conversation with the next girl I met. When I asked her out, she said YES!"
Josh Fechter, Award winning Growth Hacker and founder of BAMF Media
“I still can’t believe how easy it was and so simple. I’d been stuck for SO long!”
David, Founder and CEO, London, England
“Rick is one of the most respected attraction and dating coaches out there”
Brock McGoff, Founder The Modest Man
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